Swimsafe Float Suits from Jakabel

Because babies and water together can be stressful enough, we are proud to stock the Swimsafe Float suit from Jakabel. This float suit is the one stop solution for giving your little one additional buoyancy in the water.
Firstly, the swimsafe serves as a wetsuit – keeping your little one warmer for longer (even in cooler temperatures). It also comes equipped with foam around the body which offers buoyancy but it also light and comfortable around your child’s body. A flexible ring is inbuilt in the neck, to help offer floatation where it counts. On top of this, the clever design serves to not restrict arms or legs – so that your child learns a free motion within the water, which will help serve for those swimming days ahead!
In a range of designs, you are guaranteed to pick something bright and cheerful that will go a long way to making your little one’s first water moments totally positive.
Remember that these swimsafe float suits are designed to keep your child warm, stylish and buoyant but they are not a life-saving tool.

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