Swimming Caps, Hats and headbands for Babies, Toddlers and Kids

A swim hat or swim cap is the perfect tool for keeping unruly hair dry and under control in the water and with dry hair, your child is at less risk of getting cold post-swim and your drying time is significantly reduced. Not only this, but with swimming head bands – those with long hair have their hair held right away from their eyes while swimming.
They are so handy that many swimming pools (especially in Europe) have swim caps as a legal requirement in the pool (even for children).
Now we know that it might not be easy to get a child to wear a hat in the water, which is why we stock babies swim hats, toddler swim hats, and kids’ swim hats with cool designs (even with characters like Clownfish) and bright colours. In fact, thanks to Zoggs, Konfidence Platypus Australia and Splash About we’ve managed to put together a range of swimming hats and swimming caps that coordinate with our range of girls’ swimwear and boys’ swimwear. 
Simply, pair them with goggles to complete the look and double the protection.

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