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Splash About were one of the first businesses to specialise in swimwear especially developed for babies. With over 25 years’ experience, Splash About are now fully established as the industry leader thanks to their cutting-edge developments including splash about swimwear, the splash about wetsuit and splash about swim nappies.
Splash About are known for their float jackets, which help aid buoyancy, and the splash about swim nappy. The latter of which is the UK’s leading swimming nappy system and has now become a standard insisted on by many swimming pools all around the world. Your little one can wear the Splash About Happy Nappy as a cover, or as a stand-alone nappy system – guaranteed no leaks!
In fact, Splash About are in such a position of authority that they now work closely with swimming schools and associations all-round the UK to draft guidelines that ensure safe and enjoyable baby swimming experiences.
The Splash About range now includes swimming hats, sunglasses and even changing mats. Each product is manufactured with extremely high standards, ensuring Splash About’s position as an authority on all areas of baby swimming.

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