Splash About Wetsuits

The Splash About wetsuit is specially designed to protect the littlest member of the family against the colder water temperatures usually typically of pools and the sea.
In a range of three designs, Splash About offer styles for new babies and toddlers. First up is the Splash About Baby Wrap – a wetsuit which opens flats for wriggly babies. Secondly, is the Happy Nappy Wetsuit, a wetsuit with the award-winning happy nappy built in. Finally, the Splash About Warm in One provides all over body protection for babies and toddlers. In fact, the warm in one serves not just as a wetsuit but as a total UV protection system offering UPF 50+.
With a Splash About baby wetsuit, your little one can stay in colder water temperatures longer – making for happy first swimming memories that will last a lifetime.
Baby Swimming Shop is currently offering free delivery on all Splash About products, so there has never been a better time to try a baby wetsuit for yourself and see how great is it!

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