Konfidence Paddlers Pool Socks

Konfidence paddlers serve so many purposes, you’ll wonder how you ever managed water time without them.
First up, pool socks give your little one the ultimate grip when pool sides get slippy. They also keep feet warm and toasty right after splashing, which is important since cold feet can lead to lower body temperature. Another advantage of toddler swim socks and kids’ swim socks is that they keep feet hygienically protected from any bacteria lurking on pool sides.
The best thing about these swim socks is that they can be worn in and out of the water. Specially developed to not interfere with the swimming process, these can be worn for paddling and even swimming. Perfect for sandy beaches and pebbly seas.
Specifically designed for little people, the paddlers are easy to slip on and off (even by those with little hands). Perfect for feet that want to have fun.

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