Konfidence Float Suits

The Konfidence float suit is designed to be the go-to solution for water buoyancy. Forget about purchasing separate vests and jackets, with this suit from Konfidence all floats are in-built.
Konfidence offer two styles of Floatsuit - the traditional swimsuit style and the combination Sunsuit/Floatsuit styles - which both stay "fixed" on the child, and hold the child in the correct position to aid swimming.  Working on the same concept as the child’s Original Konfidence Jacket, each in-built float can be removed as your little one’s water confidence and skill grows.
In a range of designs and colours, all float suits offer 50+ UPF sun protection (on covered parts) which makes them an essential for holidaying in sunny climes.
The only floatation aid you little one ever needs, give them confidence with Konfidence.

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