Girls Wetsuits

Our range of girls’ wetsuits cater for all ages, from new-born up to the age of 13. In each case, they are specifically designed to ensure that your child stays warm in cooler water temperatures.
For your new-born, we offer Konfidence Babywarma wetsuits which are easy to put on and take off – no over the head dressing, they simply open flat. These wetsuits ensure your baby stays happy in colder water temperatures and can stay in the water longer, happily splashing around with the rest of the family. It might just be the start of a beautiful water relationship!
For your little lady, Jakabel wetsuits are designed to be stylish and work to keep your girl warm in and out the water. While Konfidence wetsuits are specifically designed for no friction (thanks to elasticated panels on the arms, neck and legs) no matter how active your child is.
Our range of girls’ wetsuits keep everyone warm and happy whether on holiday or just splashing in the back garden.

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