Baby and Toddler Wetsuits

When it comes to taking your baby or toddler swimming, we know that you want to keep them as toasty as possible – which is why we offer a wide range of baby and toddler wetsuits for colder temps.
Each baby and toddler wetsuit is made from neoprene, a fabric carefully developed to keep heat in. This is particularly essential when in water that has a temperature below the recommend 32°C. In fact, many municipal swimming pools have water temperatures below this recommendation and it’s difficult for babies to stay warm both inside and outside the pool. Thankfully, with a baby wetsuit from Konfidence, Splash About or Jakabel, your baby can stay warm and happy, and you can stay worry-free. In fact, your lack of worry extends also to changing your baby since the clever design of Splash About Wrap wetsuits means they open totally flat for stress-free changing.
It’s not just babies that are offered warmth while swimming, we stock a range of toddler wetsuits so everyone stays happy in the water. Ensure less tears, with a range of baby and toddler wetsuits that make everyone smile. Enjoy making memories.

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