Baby Swimming Nappies

When you take a baby or toddler swimming, the first port of call has to be making sure that they are hygienically safe and sound. So, until your little one is toilet trained, this means investing in a swimming nappy. Of course, you can purchase a disposable nappy but the most eco-friendly (and in our opinion, the most convenient option) is to invest in reusable swim nappies or baby girl costumes with an in-built nappy.
If you opt for disposable baby swimming nappies, know that many pools will insist that your child wears a nappy cover to provide security against leaks. We stock a wide range of nappy covers from Splash About and Konfidence, which are not only stylish, but specifically designed to prevent accidental leaks.
If you want baby swimming nappies that are reusable, let us introduce you to Platypus baby briefs or the Konfidence AquaNappy, which are specially designed to be a one-stop nappy solution that also offers UV protection. On top of this, Splash About has created the Happy Nappy, an award-winning nappy that is easy to put on and take off.
Don’t plan a swim without a swimming nappy, your child’s most essential piece of kit.

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