Baby and Toddler Swim Hats

The range of Splash About Swim Hats include baby swim hats, toddler swim hats and swim hats for kids. Each cloth swimming hat is specially designed to keep unruly hair out of place, to keep hair dry, to act as a barrier cream for creams or to keep little one’s head warm.
In fact in some pools in Europe, cloth swim hats are actually mandatory so if you are off aboard, it’s best to pack one of these just in case!
Each cloth swimming cap is designed to also offer UV protection, meaning that your little one has head protection from the sun whilst in the water.
Each baby swim cap is specially designed in a style and colour that matches the Happy Nappy colour scheme, for a coordinated look by the poolside or on the beach.
Baby Swimming Shop is currently offering free delivery on all Splash About products, so there has never been a better time to try a baby swim cap for yourself and see how great is it!

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