Baby and Toddler Float Suits and Swim Vests

Shop our wide range of baby float suits, toddler float suits, baby swim vests, and toddler swim vests to booster your baby and toddler’s confidence in the water. Unlike armbands, float suits and swim vests don’t restrict arm movement and allow your child to develop a natural swimming action. Specially developed to be functional, but also brightly coloured and fun so that your little one will want to wear them.
Our portfolio of brands includes Konfidence, and the Australian label Jakabel. You can shop from specially developed float suits which have removable floats that can be removed as your child’s water confidence grows. Or you can opt for a float jacket from Konfidence which has won many awards, thanks to its in-built buoyancy which is achieved with eight in-built floats. Easy to fasten and super stylish, water confidence has never been so accessible.
Finally, why not opt for a floatsuit that offers total upper body confidence and a flexible ring around the neck to keep the neck above the water to make your baby and toddler’s first swimming experiences totally enjoyable.
Just remember that float jackets, costumes and suits are not life-saving devices so never leave your child unsupervised in the water.

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