Baby Apron Bath Towels by Cuddledry

Cuddledry baby apron bath towels are specifically created to be worn as an apron, which gives parents both hands free not just for snuggling but for safety. This is because both your hands are free to lift babies out of the water, particularly useful if your baby is still small and not yet sitting up unaided.
Specially developed for use at the pool, beach or the bath, the Cuddledry baby towel is certified organic and gentle on baby’s skin. It helps small babies maintain their body temperature when they come out of the water by keeping them wrapped up and close to mum or dad. Simply pop baby into the apron, put up the hood for extra warmth and enjoy. 
With the Cuddledry baby towel your baby is dried as you cuddle, making for a lovely bonding experience which will go a long way to making baby water confident for life.

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