Armbands and Swimming Aids

When your baby or toddler begins their first step towards swimming, you can help foster their confidence with our vast range of swimming aids that are designed to keep them on the surface of the water.
Our range of Zoggs Baby armbands, kids’ armbands, and toddler armbands are easy to inflate and deflate when required, making them compact and portable for the beach or pool. Zoggs is one of Australia’s leading swimwear brands, who have a strong focus on functionality as well as fun – creating armbands your children will want to wear.
With every pair of Zoggs armbands, you can gradually reduce the air content in accordance with your child’s ability (just remember to never leave your child unsupervised in the water). Once your child outgrows armbands, why not transition them to swimming floats that help keep your child buoyant until they master unaided swimming?
With our range of baby swimming aids, kids swimming aids, and toddler swimming aids you can watch as your child goes from swimming novice to swimming unaided – all thanks to the confidence boost our wide range of floatation equipment and armbands offer.

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