LittleLife Backpacks

Littlelife make outdoor equipment for little ones, so that they can go out and explore the world. The best-seller of the range is the Littlelife backpack, and we’re delighted to be stockists.
All Littlelife backpacks are engineered exactly like a grown-up backpack, with the same level of technical know-how and fabrics. They allow little ones to squirrel away their favourite toys or snacks, whilst offering parents the opportunity to use a removable safety reign. With this reign, you can foster independence whilst allowing little ones to explore the world with both hands. Suitable for the beach, the park, in fact, any place of discovery – Littlelife Backpacks give both parents and children confidence.
Each back-pack is designed for fun, with so many designs to choose from – including ladybirds, sharks, dinosaurs, Nemo and Dory. The only problem your toddler will have is picking their favourite one (sorry!).

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