Cuddledry Hooded Towels

As any parent knows, babies often love going into the water but don’t always like coming out. It’s not surprising really, since babies tend to not be able to regulate their body temperature as well as older children and adults. To help create love of the water, even coming out, invest in a Cuddledry towel which makes the drying process comfortable and enjoyable.
If you have a new-born, invest in an award winning Cuddledry baby bath towel which has a clever apron feature which allows for hands-free, cuddle drying. While toddlers can stay warm and cosy with Cuddledry hooded towels, which can be simply popped over the head after the pool, beach or bath.
For older children, why not make dry-time fun time with a range of Cuddledry towels that also allow for some dress-up? Whether your child wants to be a bear, dragon, dinosaur, monkey or pony, Cuddledry keep your little one warm snug, cosy and happy.
Avoid tears leaving the water, with our range of Cuddledry towels.

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