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What on earth is a rash vest?!

Hello sun!

At long last the summer is almost here and many of us are planning family holidays with children, at home and abroad. Once the holiday is booked it’s time to start buying all your holiday bits and pieces, and sun protection clothing and accessories are always a top priority when you’ve got little ones.

As we all know, the sun’s UV rays can be very harmful to children’s skin, so they need to be protected as much as possible. This is where the rash vest can become yours and your child’s new best friend when it comes to playing in the sunshine; combining swimwear and sun protection in one product.

What is a rash vest?

Otherwise known as a UV top or rash guard, a rash vest is a thin top or vest made of Lycra. The rash vest can be worn on it’s own, as part of a swimsuit or underneath a wetsuit and helps protect the skin from abrasion which can lead to a rash.

Rash vests also provide amazing UV protection of up to UPF50 which makes them perfect for allowing safe outdoor play in the summer time.

What types of suits can I get?

You can get rash suits in a range of colours, styles and designs to suit your child’s preferences and age group.

Here at Baby Swimming Shop we’ve got a fantastic range of products from leading UV swimwear brand, Platypus Australia, all boasting UPF50+ UV protection - the highest level of protection possible - and all featuring fun, colourful designs that your children will love.

For more skin coverage you can choose a long sleeved product such as the Platypus Regatta Long Sleeve Rash Vest, which completely covers the arms and has a high collar to keep your child’s neck protected during those long hours of summer play. This type of rash vest can be worn with board shorts or swimsuit bottoms and is suitable for children from 18 months to 8 years of age.

Alternatively there are short-sleeved options available such as the Flamingo Fitted Short Sleeve Rash Vest, also by Platypus Australia, which leaves more of the arm exposed and offers a little more freedom when playing in the shade. These suits are generally more suitable for slightly older children whose skin is a little less sensitive and can withstand more time in the sun. This particular style of vest comes in sizes to fit children from 3 to 14 years of age.

You can also get rash vests in a handy, zip-up jacket style for quick and easy coverage over the top of bathing suits. The Regatta Long Sleeve Sun Jacket is a great example; you can even get short-sleeved versions too.

Finally, if you’re looking for maximum coverage, there are full-body suits such as the  Bloom Sunskirt - perfect for a super active little girl - which will cover and protect most of the body from those harmful UV rays.

Why are rash vests beneficial?

With rash vests you can feel happy and relaxed in the knowledge that your little ones are protected from the sun in the most comfortable and reliable way. With the long sleeved vests and full suits in particular, there’s barely any need to apply sunscreen as the suit covers such a large area of skin.

What’s more, the vests are all made with a lightweight, stretchy Lycra material and are constructed with flatlock seams, making them incredibly comfortable. We all know that kids can play for hours no matter where they are, so it’s great to know that their swimwear won’t rub against their skin and cause any painful rashes throughout the day.

Rash vests are also chlorine-resistant and very breathable to help prevent the classic conditions where a rash will thrive.

With their great new rash suit, your child will be holiday-ready, super stylish and, most importantly, protected from the sun. Just make sure you don’t miss any of those remaining exposed areas with the sunscreen!

For our full sun protection range, visit our Baby Sun Protection Shop.









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