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Top 5 Benefits of Grandparents Taking The Grandkids Swimming

Grandparents are important in a child's life

Top 5 Benefits of Grandparents Taking The Grandkids Swimming

This week, Netmums ran a fantastic article about the role of grandparents in a child's life. With one in four grandparents looking after their grandchildren on a regular basis, grandparents really are hugely beneficial in a child's life. Kids learn wisdom, knowledge, skills and behaviours from their grandparents and learn about different perspectives.

As grandparents, there’s nothing better than spending quality time with our grandchildren, and swimming provides the perfect opportunity to make the most of your hours together. Besides being great fun, there are lots of other key benefits to be found in taking the grandchildren swimming.

Grandparents are often at a loose end with their grandchildren and wonder what to do with them after nursery or school, at the weekends or during the holidays. This timely blog discusses some tips and hints for grandparents (and for parents to read and drop hints to grandparents!) to let them know what a great activity swimming with their grandchildren can be.

At our local pools we see many grandparents taking their grandkids to swimming lessons, waiting patiently with a snack and a ready smile behind the glass, plus we see a fair few grandparents in the water having fun and giving their grandchildren help with their swimming strokes or taking babies and toddlers for a splash.

There are however many grandparents that would not consider going into the water with their grandkids. We often chat to grandparents that we encounter and ask them why they 'don't fancy going in?' to which they often reply that it has been 'years since I got into a swimming pool', 'I can't swim', and sadly, 'I think I'm too old and not capable enough to swim with my grandchild.'

If this sounds like you, have a read of our blog post.

Grandparents about to go swimming with their baby granddaughter

Top 5 reasons to go swimming with your grandchildren:

1. It’s a great bonding opportunity

Swimming together is a very close physical activity and involves lots of contact, making it ideal for building relationships with your grandchildren. Splashing around, playing games and swimming together are all positive experiences for you to share, and great ways to build lots of happy memories in the process.

2. It frees up Mum and Dad’s time

Now that the summer holidays are over and everybody is back at work and school, parents are going to have much less time on their hands. This gives grandparents the chance to spend even more quality time with their grandchildren at the swimming pool while giving Mum and Dad a little quality time to themselves too. After-school childcare or a trip to the swimming baths with Grandma and Grandad? It’s a no-brainer!

3. It’s a chance to pass on your knowledge

Being able to pass on your knowledge and experience to the youngest generation is a very special thing, and a trip to the swimming pool is a fantastic opportunity to do just that. Whether it’s teaching them how to take their first swim strokes, showing them how to hold their breath underwater or teaching them about water safety, you’ll both enjoy a very rewarding experience. Entertain your grandkids with stories about swimming in the 'good old days'. Our kids love to hear about the outdoor swimming pools of yesteryear, Grandmas swim team successes and the awful swim suits that boys had to wear!

4. It’s a chance for you to learn something new

During a swimming outing with the little ones, it might not only be you doing the teaching! Children have the uncanny ability to teach adults new things every single day and are always full of surprises. Besides, this also gives you a ready-made opportunity to get back into swimming, especially if it’s been a while since your last dip and your confidence is a little low. Either way, you never know what you might learn together. Ask your older grandkids what an emoji is or let them show you their favourite YouTube videos over post-swimming machine hot chocolate at the leisure centre cafe!

5. You can get active together

Swimming is hailed as one of the best forms of exercise there is. Literally anyone can do it. As a low-impact sport, swimming is perfect for building up young muscles and it goes nice and easy on not-so-young joints therefore going swimming together is the ideal activity for keeping you all fit, healthy and active without the need for any compromises (Notes: high diving is not essential)!


Don't forget to take a swimming towel, swimming goggles, baby wetsuit, float suit and floats for the little ones

Tips for your first swimming trip with your grandchildren:

1. Research your local pools and find out which times are best for you to visit.

2. If you’re not confident swimmers, ask the pool staff about the depth of the pool and make sure it’s suitable for all of your needs.

3. Go along with the entire family for your first time. This will get you used to the local pool and help you with getting the little ones changed, knowing your way around the leisure centre and learning how to lift them in and out of the water.

4. Take some toys and floats along to provide lots of activities and variety for your swim sessions.

5. Don' forget all the stuff that you need to take with you including float suits, swimwear, towels, goggles and even wetsuits for babies and younger toddlers (they get c c c cold so easily).

6. If there are two lovely grandparents, take it in turns to go in the water with the kids (for the non swimmer; don't forget a newspaper, reading glasses, snacks and change for the coffee machine)!


Grandparents can have fun and learn from their grandchildren

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