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8 Sure Signs You and the Family Need a Holiday



The school summer holidays are here, there’s reportedly a six-week heatwave on the way and 49% of British people say their happiest memory is being on holiday with their family, there’s three great reasons for a family trip right there. However, there may be other niggling signs here and there that you and the family are due a good, long break.


Here are our top eight indicators, how many sound familiar?

Social media is starting to make you all jealous. You realise, while scrolling down your news feed, that absolutely everyone you know is posting smug photos and updates from their latest jaunt, while you and the kids are stuck at home.

Your passport photos resemble people you barely recognise, and the youngest kids don’t even have one at all. If it’s been this long since you all took a holiday then you really ought to start comparing flight prices pronto.

You’re breaking out the sun cream and flip flops in the back garden even when it’s cloudy. It’s barely 15 degrees, yet you’ve got the paddling pool out and the kids are demanding ice cream; we’ve all been there, who do we think we’re kidding?

The weekends are feeling shorter and shorter. You’re finding Monday morning is rolling around so fast it’s almost as if Saturday and Sunday never happened, and it’s starting to get to you. And when the the kids are complaining they’ve got nothing to do, you know it’s time for action.

Your boss is telling you to take a holiday because you’re always the one covering for everyone else. When it gets to a point where senior management actually want you to take time off, you know it’s been far, far too long since your last break.

You’re picking up summer clothes in shops for no reason. Have you caught yourself admiring a bikini or picking up adorable summer dresses and shirts for the kids even though you’ve got nothing booked? You’ve clearly got beaches on the brain, so you might as well give yourself a reason to buy all those things!

Your last holiday photo album only contains photos from a disposable camera, which means your last family holiday was probably back before decent smartphones even existed. We’re talking circa 2007 here, folks. Oh dear!

You’ve realised it’s only 5 months until Christmas and you’ve not so much as taken a breath. Taking a break from work and everyday life can work wonders for your health and happiness, so it’s well worth arranging a holiday before the Christmas chaos returns and you’re ‘far too busy to think about holidays’ once again.

If any of these are ringing true then you’re probably already itching to get the family packed off to sunnier climes for a well-earned break, and we don’t blame you. So, perhaps it’s time to heed the signs and get something booked, even if it’s just a long weekend – it’ll be worth it just for the memories.


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Below is a list of some of our favourite family oriented travel companies to help you book that last minute summer holiday or long weekend away.

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