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7 Activities For You In The Last Week of The Holidays


One week left of the summer holidays - Are you running out of ideas?

It’s almost back-to-school time, there’s just one week left of the school summer holidays and, by now, it’s likely you’ve exhausted all your ideas for keeping the kids entertained.

Luckily, according to a survey of primary school-aged children run by Sainsburys, most kids enjoy the simpler things like den-building and water balloon fights more than expensive day trips, so you don’t even need to break the bank.

Here are seven great ideas, one for each day of the week, which we hope will replenish your activity stores and tide you over until the school bell rings once again:


Make a home cinema

We know how expensive cinema trips can be these days, so why not let the kids set up their own cosy home cinema and host a movie night? They can choose the flicks, set up a comfy seating area on the floor, pop

some corn and even invite their friends round to join in. All you’ll need is a TV or projector and some DVDs and you’re away!

Make a scrap book with holiday photos

Been on a nice family holiday during the summer break? A lovely way to showcase your memories (and a great way to pass a few hours at the same time) is to create a memory scrap book with all your favourite holiday snaps.You could also let the kids stick in any other keepsakes from the trip like your plane tickets, luggage tags, maps and postcards.

Garden camping

While we can still cling on to the last of the warm summer weather it’s a great idea to get the camping tents out one last time and let the kids have a garden sleepover for the night. They can spend the afternoon

learning how to put the tent up and preparing their sleeping bags before climbing in and snuggling down for the night later on. Combine this with a midnight feast and you’ll have some very happy kids.

Make homemade ice cream

Believe it or not, you don’t need an expensive ice cream maker to make delicious ice cream at home. All you need is some cream, sugar, vanilla essence, salt, ice cubes and a two zip-lock bags! This super fun activity is so easy, making it perfect for the kids to experiment with their own flavours and toppings. There are plenty of instructions and recipes online, but here’s an easy one to follow on Popsugar           

Do some baking

With the Great British Bake Off returning to our screens this week, there’s never been a better time to get in the kitchen with the kids and try some new baking recipes. Whether you bake-along with the show or pick out our own ideas, this sweet culinary activity is a classic way of keeping the kids busy and teaching them valuable life skills in the process.

Story writing

​With the first day back at school drawing nearer, there’s no harm in giving the kids’ reading and writing skills a bit of a dusting off ahead of the start of term. Challenge them to write a short story – perhaps about your summer holiday or using their favourite toys as characters – then you can all sit down for story time later on and your little wordsmiths can read their creations to the whole family.

Go swimming!

An old family favourite that never fails to generate excitement is a family trip to the swimming baths. Doesn’t matter if you’ve already been once this summer; that’s precisely the beauty of it! Kids never get bored of splashing around with their floats and toys for hours on end, plus it’ll polish up their swimming skills ahead of

the new school term swimming lessons. A week might seem like a long time and a lot of hours to fill, but you really don’t need to try and fill every minute.


With these extra-fun activities to break up the week, your children will be plenty worn out by the end of every day!


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