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5 ways You Can Help Your Child Improve At Swimming For Summer



Ah, summer, we can't wait to see you! You and swimming are a match made in heaven!

Of course summer is when most of us jet off on our family holidays and when the kids head straight for the pool (home and away), but wherever you take a summer break, it’s always a good idea to make sure your little ones are confident swimmers before you go.

Once the cold weather sets in it’s easy to get out of the habit of regular swimming, so here are five easy ways to help your child brush up on their skills in time for this summer:


1. Make swimming a regular treat and an exciting family outing

As the days start to get longer, lighter and warmer, take advantage by upping the number of family trips to the swimming pool. Try putting some time aside every other weekend (or even more often if you can) for a fun family swimming session and watch their confidence grow. The more your child swims, the better at swimming they will get; it’s that simple.


2. Play some water games

Everyone knows we learn more when we’re enjoying ourselves, so introducing some pool games to the family swimming trip is a fantastic, easy way to help your child improve their skills in the water. Diving for weighted toys such as dive sticks, or playing a simple game of catch with a pool ball encourages vital swimming skills without them even realising they’re learning.


3. Introduce fun accessories

If your child isn’t as confident in the water as you’d like, you can give them a huge self-esteem boost with a simple floatation accessory like the SwimFin. What’s a SwimFin, you ask? The SwimFin is an innovative swimming aid designed to help toddlers and young children learn to swim by supporting them in their natural swimming position. And yes, you guessed it, it’s shaped like a shark’s fin for that extra fun factor – what more could a child want? With the extra buoyancy and support, your child will be more eager than ever to get into the water and test out their swimming skills.


4. Get them some refresher lessons

If you’d like your child to get a bit of extra practice in with some expert guidance, then a course of refresher swimming lessons is the ideal solution. Swimming lessons are an accessible, affordable and enjoyable way for your child to brush up on their key swim strokes, stamina and water safety techniques under the guidance of a qualified teacher. Lots of resorts in the UK and abroad also have swimming lessons available.

5. Join in

Children love to learn from their parents, so jumping into the pool with them and setting a great example is one of the simplest ways you can help them improve their swimming skills. With you there to encourage and teach them, they’ll be naturally more enthusiastic when it comes to swimming practice. Besides, it also means you can brush up on your front crawl at the same time. Winner!

Give even just a few of these tips a go and your child will be more than ready for the pool this summer – and so will you!


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