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5 Ways Swim Schools Support Your Baby Swimming Journey


Taking your babies and children swimming is a wonderful experience, the importance of which we will never stop shouting about, but taking them to structured classes at swim schools can also provide you and them with a lot of extra support.

While spending time in the pool alone with your baby is great for bonding and having fun, enrolling in regular professional lessons will give you both the added guidance you need to learn and perfect the correct techniques.

Here are five main ways that your new swim classes will enhance your learning journey together:

1. You’ll get the best advice

Most swimming classes are lead by fully qualified instructors with teaching certificates from the ASA (Amateur Swimming Association) or equivalent awarding body, so you’ll both be in the most knowledgeable hands possible. As part of your lesson you’ll be able to ask your instructor all of your burning questions and get advice on everything from swimming techniques to how to use a swim nappy. Make sure you check the qualifications of your swim school teachers before you go to any lessons, however, as not all will be fully qualified.


2. You’ll learn potentially life-saving skills

During swimming lessons you and your little one will learn some essential tips on poolside and water safety, including how to get in and out of the swimming pool safely. And, although your baby might be very young, they will still be learning and retaining techniques and skills which will keep them safe in and around the water all the way into adulthood. The younger they start, the faster they will learn how to stay safe.

3. They provide structure

Committing to regular weekly swim classes, even classes for newborns, helps to build and reinforce a solid routine and learning structure that you wouldn’t necessarily have otherwise. Every parent knows that a strong, repetitive routine is instrumental in your baby’s learning journey. What’s more, the lessons themselves are also expertly structured to ensure you and your baby learn as much as possible and get the most out of each session.

4. They build confidence

When we speak to new parents we hear so many of you say your biggest barrier in baby swimming is a lack of confidence. If this is you, then structured baby swimming classes are exactly what you need to overcome this. Having a fully trained, experienced swimming instructor by your side will provide a great deal of reassurance and support as you gradually build up your confidence. Not only that, but while your confidence is building, so is your baby’s. With regular swimming classes and with you in the water by their side, your baby will start to build courage and positive associations with water, ensuring a strong start in their learning journey.

5. They’re there as long as you need them

The beauty of swimming lessons is that there are no age restrictions whatsoever. From babyhood to adulthood, it’s never too early or too late to start learning. You can begin your baby’s learning journey with swimming lessons from infancy, and then continue to watch them grow and learn in the water for years. As your little one learns new skills they will move up to new, more advanced classes which, if your child develops a passion for it, can and will continue through to the professional levels.

Ready to start learning together? You can easily find your nearest baby swimming classes using the Poolfinder on the swimming.org website, google 'baby swimming classes near me' for a list of local private operators or simply type in your postcode and look for the ASA Learn to Swim Kids facility.

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