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5 Snaggle-free Steps to Putting a Swim Hat on a Baby or Child


Swimming caps. Such simple, useful accessories yet anything but simple to put on.It should be easy; it’s just a hat, right? So why do we find it so tricky to get them on our children without all the snagging, hair pulling and cries of ‘ouch’?

It should be easy; it’s just a hat, right? So why do we find it so tricky to get them on our children without all the snagging, hair pulling and cries of ‘ouch’?

Swim hats are designed to be stretchy and fit snugly around the head to keep the water out, which unfortunately means they’re quite grippy on hair too. With after few practice runs, putting on a swimming cap for yourself or your child can be straightforward.

First though, ask yourself...........Does my child need a swimming cap?

This is a question we’ve been asked a lot, and the answer is that it completely depends on the preferences of your child. Often kids don’t need a swim hat, but they can be very beneficial for keeping their hair protected from chlorine damage and painful tangling, especially if your child has long hair. Some kids hate getting their hair wet (not to mention washing, drying and styling it) so a swimming cap can also minimise any extra time doing these activities.

Swimming caps are also useful for children who wish to take swimming to competition level, as wearing one helps with streamlining for extra speed.

If you do decide to get your child a swimming cap, here are the five steps to snaggle-free fitting:

1. Get their hair wet first

The silicone or latex that most swimming caps are made of is extra grippy on dry hair, so get your child to jump in the pool showers for a moment (which is advisable anyway for pool hygiene reasons) and get their hair wet with warm water – you can also smooth some conditioner through it if you like. Once their hair is wet, the swimming cap should slide on much more easily and prevent a lot of the hair pulling and discomfort. Don't worry if they won't get wet first though as the other steps can help get the hat on pain-free.

2. Stretch it out

This is especially helpful with a brand new swimming cap and it always helps to stretch it no matter how many times you’ve used it. Place your fingers inside the cap and pull your hands apart to stretch it out; this will help you get it over your child’s head without too much pinching and pulling.

3. Start at the front

If your child has long hair, tie it up with a (snaggle-free) bobble or ask them to hold it in a bunch behind their head with their hand. Now, with your child facing away from you and the cap still stretched out, let the front of the cap catch on their forehead and then ease it back over the rest of their head.


4. Tidy up

Now that the cap is on, you can easily slide your fingers underneath the rim of the cap to tuck any loose strands of hair neatly away. Gently tug on the rim to adjust the cap on the forehead and over the ears until your child says the cap feels most comfortable.

5. Taking it off

You’ll be pleased to know, taking the cap off is much easier than putting it on. Simply slide your fingers underneath the rim of the cap, peel it away from the scalp and then lift it off.

Don’t have a cap yet? Find the one that’s perfect for your child in our range of swimming caps, hats and headbands, suitable from babyhood upwards and available in lots of fun designs.




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