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4 key ways to get the most out of your local swimming pool

How do you get the most out of your local pool (and why should you give it a try)?
Swimming, the family pastime loved by parents, carers and children alike, is one that can be enjoyed easily thanks to the provision of local authority swimming pools.
Most regions in the UK have a local pool or leisure centre and, according to the
BSPF (British Swimming Pool Federation) there are over 4,000 new pools being built nationwide each year. In other words, it’s never been easier to make the most out of your local pool, and here’s how. Many swimming pools provide free swimming to under 5s as well (with a paying adult. Check your pool for age and entrance policies). The great thing about local authority swimming pools is that you can visit pools in different areas of the country. You can try wave pools, water funzones and olympic style facilities in places that you may go on holiday in the UK or simply making it a day trip at the weekend.
Have you tried Hyde Leisure's wave pool, Cocks Moor in Birmingham's flumes or the tropical feel pool and waves at Latchmere in Battersea, London? 
Most local pools offer swimming lessons for babies, children and adults of all abilities; so why not take advantage and get everyone’s skills up to scratch? After all, swimming is an essential life skill and one which could make all the difference someday. That being said, learning basic water skills doesn’t have to come solely through structured lessons. Simply paying a visit to the pool, on a weekend as a family, and splashing around, can be just as beneficial for learning how to stay afloat, go underwater and perform basic swim strokes. Don't forget to use correct for your baby, toddler or older children.
Building confidence
The good thing about local authority swimming pools is that they are very accessible to the public, making regular visits both possible and convenient. Taking young children for regular trips to the swimming pool is a fantastic way to steadily build up their water confidence and get them used to being in and around deep water.
Not only could this confidence building help to prevent a fear of water from developing, but it will also help them develop an understanding and respect for the water and how to stay safe. What’s more, all this will be happening through lots of fun and play, so there will be lots of positive associations to take away. Check us out for toddler swimwear, baby swimwear and everything in between.
Keeping fit
Another great way to make the most of your local pool is to use it to keep you and your children active and healthy. Because swimming and playing in water is so much fun for children, they won’t even realise they’re exercising, making it a total bonus all round. Swimming is a great, low impact form of exercise which strengthens your cardiovascular system and improves joint mobility (amongst many other benefits), and each member of the family can go at their own pace and encourage each other.
If the pool is lifeguarded, you could even do a few lengths yourself while your older kids are playing; it never hurts to set a good example!
Building relationships
Swimming has long been recognised as the perfect family activity for building strong parent-child bonds. Not only is a visit to the pool a great opportunity to engage in family playtime, but swimming is also an activity that promotes relaxation, encouragement and support from every family member. In the pool, families can focus their undivided attention upon one another and truly enjoy quality time in each other’s company. This is an opportunity rarely found anywhere else outside of the home.
So if you’re not already visiting your local swimming pool it’s well worth trying it out.
If you're not sure where your nearest pool is, check out the Pool Finder
from swimming.org and find out; you won’t regret it.
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