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Top 10 tips for keeping babies and children safe in the sun

Here's your 10 point sun safety checklist for babies and children

Whether you’re spending your summer abroad or staying in the UK this year, it’s essential you keep your little ones protected from the sun. Make sure you check these top 10 tips off your checklist each time they’re exposed to sunshine:
1. Keep babies out of sunlight
Babies from 0-6 months have very sensitive skin and should be kept out of direct sunlight and completely covered with loose, comfortable clothing at all times.
2. Use protective covers on push chairs
When you go for your morning or evening stroll, ensure you use a sun-protective shade, parasol or cover on your child’s push chair at all times to prevent their skin from being exposed to the sunlight.
3. Attach sun shields to car windows
If you’re hiring a car on holiday, or even just driving around at the height of the UK summer, it’s advised that you use removable mesh window shields or UV screens to prevent harmful UV rays from causing skin damage through the glass.
4. Limit outdoor playtime
The sun is at it’s strongest between 10am and 3pm, so it is advised that you limit your children’s playtime to before or after this period. Or, if they insist on playing during these times, limit their exposure to short play sessions with long breaks in between.
This 6-year-old is wearing the Platypus Australia Lobster Catch UPF50+ short sleeve rash vest with boyleg. Check us out for baby swimwear and toddler swimwear.
5. Encourage playing in the shade
Playing in the shade is the best way to protect their skin from the sun, so encourage them to do this as often as possible. Trees and parasols are great for this, though it’s important you still make sure they’re wearing sunscreen to protect against any reflected sunlight. How about making a den in the garden or on the beach to make playing in the shade exciting?! Here's a few resources to inspire you.
6. Apply sunscreen
Sunscreen is an essential precaution for children playing in the sun both abroad and in the UK. Apply it liberally and regularly to ensure maximum protection, and use water-resistant products where possible. Look out for a competition that we are running soon with one of our favourite brands of suncream, SunSense.
7. Sun suits
UV sun suits are a brilliant way to protect delicate skin from the sun and give 100% protection all day long. You can get long sleeved styles which provide maximum skin coverage and which mean there are fewer areas requiring sunscreen application.
We love this Platypus Australia Bloom sunsuit for baby girls. We stock sunsuits for older girls as well :) This one picture even has a little frill on the back!
8. Sunglasses and hats
Sunglasses and hats are two further accessories which are essential for keeping your children protected from the sun. The
sunglasses will help protect their eyes from sun
damage and the sunhat will keep their scalp and the back of their neck covered; the ones with large, floppy brims or neck flaps are the best.
9. Clouds - don’t be fooled
If you encounter a cloudy day, don’t be fooled! Clouds do not block the UV rays from the sun, so all of the precautions and protection mentioned above are still essential.
10. Set a good example
Everybody needs to protect their skin from the sun, no matter their age, so a great way to keep your children safe in the sun is to demonstrate that you are doing the same. Children love to imitate their parents’ behaviour after all! Keep your sunscreen topped up, stay in the shade and cover as much skin as possible and your little ones will happily follow suit.
Happy holiday and we are here with all the baby swimwear you need.
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