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Read this to find out why you are absolutely, never ever too old to swim!

The short answer is no, which is fantastic news for all as swimming is such an accessible sport.


So, its never too late to learn to swim. Here's some facts that might help to inspire you to learn, whatever you age, stage or lifestyle.


According to the ASA (Amateur Swimming Association) 1 in 5 adults are unable to swim. On top of this statistic, the ASA has also released a recent report stating that over 200,000 children will leave primary school unable to swim despite swimming being a statutory requirement in the curriculum. This lack of encouragement at an early age will, unsurprisingly, contribute to many more adults finding themselves unable and unwilling to swim in their later years.


However, if you’re an adult who cannot swim, this does not mean that you have ‘missed the boat’, as it were. This simply means that you may have to work a little harder for a little longer to achieve your goals and bury any misgivings you may have.





Not convinced? Take the story of Rosemary Caruana as an example. Rosemary is a grandmother who, at the age of 75, decided she wanted to learn to swim. She had been watching her youngest grandson take his regular swimming lesson and thought “this is ridiculous...you’re 75-years-old, he’s swimming, you’re not.” This prompted Rosemary to approach her grandson’s swimming tutor and asked if she too would be able to take some lessons; a question which must have taken a fair amount of courage. To her great surprise, the teacher said she’d be more than happy to teach her, and reassured her that you’re never too old to learn to swim (great teacher)!



Over the following 12 months Rosemary gradually learned all the skills she needed, and even achieved her goal of being able to swim the entire length of the pool. She did all of this despite the fact that she'd had an intense dislike of water her entire life. This delightful and inspiring story proves beyond any doubt that you can learn to swim at any age; all you need to do is start the ball rolling. Watch a video about Rosemary here.



How do I go about it?


If you’ve decided you’re going to take the plunge and learn to swim, first of all we’d like to say 'good for you'. It’s a big step but you won’t regret it. Your first port of call should be your local swimming pool or leisure centre. These facilities

usually run swimming lessons and will have professional teachers who will be more than happy to talk to you about your needs. They will either be able to arrange some lessons for you or advise you of any more suitable teachers and pools you could go to. Here is a handy pool finder tool.


The alternative would be to do an internet search for any swimming tutors in your local area who run their own teaching businesses. These professionals will be able to fully evaluate your needs and discuss any worries you might have in complete confidence.

If you are struggling with a fear of the water, which is very common in adult non-swimmers, these tutors will most likely be able to help you with this too, so don’t let this put you off enquiring. There are also steps you can take to face your fears in your own time if you’d prefer. Take a look at our tips for improving your confidence in the water here on our blog.


We really hope this helps, if you are considering 'taking the plunge' and look forward to hearing your swimming stories soon!


If you'd like any swimming advice, we are swimming experts and have spent many years teaching swimming. You can email us at alison@babyswimmingshop.co.uk, Facebook message us or send us a DM on twitter.


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