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The best thing EVER to teach your child to swim

What’s the best way to get kids learning something new? Make it fun, that’s how! Teaching your little ones to swim is no different, and a great way to make it extra fun is to introduce them to swimming with a SwimFin - an innovative and exciting new swimming aid for toddlers and children.


 How does it work?

The SwimFin is designed to support children of all swimming abilities throughout their learning process. Unlike traditional arm bands and other such floatation devices, the SwimFin leaves your child’s arms completely free to move naturally and keeps them perfectly buoyant and in the right position in the water.

Fitted to the body with adjustable straps, the fin sits high on the back above your child’s centre of gravity so as not to tip them forward or let them sink too low in the water. This way, your child is still able to put their face in the water as he or she progresses and becomes a more confident swimmer.

For a child who is completely new to swimming, the SwimFin will be almost fully submerged. This will keep them afloat as they hold themselves vertically in the water and begin to doggy paddle. Then, as the child gradually learns the correct horizontal swimming position, the fin will come further out of the water and provide less and less support as the child loses the need for it.

To see it in action, take a look at a demonstration video here.

Who is it suitable for?

Officially, the SwimFin is recommended for use by children between the ages of 3 and 6 years old and weighing from 15-30kgs. However, there have been testimonials from all over the world stating that the SwimFin is effective for children and adults of all ages. The fin has even been used in training by athletes and to help adults with learning difficulties gain more confidence in the water.

It is therefore up to you to decide when to introduce your child to the SwimFin, however this device is NOT suitable for babies who have no control over their body movements, and all children using the fin should, of course, be supervised constantly.

Learning to work and play with the SwimFin

Once you’ve got your child fitted securely with the SwimFin they can take to the water straight away and begin learning to swim safely with bags of extra confidence.

The fin allows the wearer to learn all four main swimming strokes - breast stroke, front crawl, backstroke and butterfly - without hindering the natural body movements needed to accomplish the correct techniques.

What’s more, you only need to take one look at these incredible devices to know that they’d be great fun to swim with. The SwimFin doubles up as a fantastic water toy as well as a learning device and will make your little one super eager to get in the water and start splashing around...plus they’ll be learning to swim without even realising it!

Even adults and the ‘big kids’ among us can’t resist having a go, and who can blame them?

We love this blog post by Deep In Mummy Matters which reviews the SwinFin.

So now that you’re all clued up about the SwimFin, why not give one a go? Check out our SwimFin range in our Floats shop here.

Also, if you fancy the chance of winning a brand new SwimFin in the colour of your choice then check out our great new competition here.


Note: The SwimFin is not a life saving device, nor should it ever be worn on the front.

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