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4 Great Swimming Games to Build A Child's Water Confidence

Zoggs Seal Search

When a child can swim confidently under water, this is a major step in their swimming development.  It opens a whole new world for them to explore and have fun with and helps them to further develop their confidence in and around water as well as to control their breathing and buoyancy.

However, regardless of how confident they are above the water, children can often find the prospect of going underwater a little daunting.

Wearing goggles (check out our range; we've handpicked the best kids goggles) will not only help keep the water out of their eyes it will also help to improve their vision under water, which will play a key role in their enjoyment.  They will start to see the world from a different perspective and will probably encourage them to start exploring underwater further.
Whilst wearing goggles is a key first step, playing underwater games can make the experience more fun and will put them at ease in this new environment more quickly.

We’ve listed below some of our favourite underwater games.

1. Find the Seals / Rings / Sticks

This is a really simply game to play either in your local pool or on holiday.  You simply use the Zoggy Seal Search, or similar pool toy, which are designed to sink to the bottom of the pool. 

You can either line them up in a line for your child to pick them up in one go or you place them randomly in the pool for your child to search out.

I find this game is a great one to play on holiday as it allows you to sit at the side of the pool and throw the toys in for them to search out whilst you can stay dry!  We also often create a race between siblings by having a competition on who can pick up the most each time.

2. Underwater distance

This is a great little competition game either between friends or siblings or to have a mark that your little one looks to beat each time.  Get your child to push off from the side and see how far they can go underwater before they have to come up for a breath.  Once they come up, get them to stand still and see if they can be beaten.

If it’s just one child, try to get them to swim as far as they can and mark this point and then get to see if they can go further the next time.  Remember, encourage them to take a series of large breaths before they go under as this will help to expand their lung capacity and go further.

3. Through the tunnel

This is our kids’ favourite. It is super easy (and no equiment required)!

Simply stand in the pool with your legs apart and get your child to swim between your legs.  Initially, you might need to help them get their depth, but they’ll soon start to learn to duck dive themselves and get themselves to the bottom of the pool.

As they get more experience, make the gap between your legs narrower or squat a little to reduce the space that they have to swim through.  They find this great fun.

If there are plenty of you in the pool, then why not expand this into a underwater version of stick in the mud? Basically, a game of tick/tag but when you are ticked or tagged you must stand with your legs apart.  Only if someone swims between your legs are you freed.   

4. Scuba Diver

This is a really simple and fun game which either you can play with your child or they can play with each other.

The game requires you to go underwater together facing each other.  You can then do simple scuba diving signals to each other or try to mimic each other’s expressions under the water.  You’ll find that you often burst through the surface in fits of giggles.

These are just some of our family’s favourite games.  Please feel free to share yours, regardless of how silly they may seem!


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