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5 Reasons Why Swimming Is a Skill Every Child Should Learn

Childrens swimming lessons

When it comes to setting our children up with the life skills they need, somehow swimming is often overlooked. Aside from the clear physical and mental health benefits swimming provides, it is also an essential and potentially life-saving skill which will stay with them for the rest of their lives.
Here are five of the very best reasons to get your child swimming as early as possible:

1. It really could save their life one day

Starting with perhaps the very most important reason your child should learn to swim; it teaches them the skills necessary to keep them safe in and around water. According to the CDC, drowning is still one of the leading causes of death for children under 5, so we need to make sure they know how to keep themselves and others around them safe.
Learning to swim, control breathing, assist others and enter and exit the water safely are all essential skills which will develop their respect for the water and could make a very crucial difference someday.

2.  It’s a fantastic form of exercise

We all know how important it is to keep our kids active, but swimming is one of the best options out there purely because it’s such a low-impact, high energy activity.

Swimming provides your child with the opportunity to work all of the muscle groups in the body with a significantly reduced risk of injury. Additionally, due to the high level of resistance the water provides, swimming activities burn calories quickly which assists with weight-loss and general body conditioning.

 3.  It’s a powerful confidence booster

Swimming lessons and competitions provide our children with the opportunity to grow as part of a team as well as individually. Whether through learning lifeguarding skills or training for a team sports event, they gain invaluable social skills and learn to support their team mates.

In this positive environment it’s amazing how much their confidence is nurtured and it’s not uncommon for children to forge the strongest of friendships through learning to swim with their peers.

  4. It’s ideal for babies’ brain development

It is a well-known and wonderful fact that babies are born with the ability to swim already built in, so it makes perfect sense to start straight away before they lose this innate skill. Being immersed and surrounded by water adds a whole new sensory dimension to their world and provides a very tactile and stimulating learning experience.

Studies have shown that babies who were introduced to swimming grew up to have more advanced cognitive development and even more developed memory capacity; impressive, no?

What’s more, while their brains are developing they are also learning new ways to use and control their legs and arms which leads to improved muscle tone and co-ordination. That last doesn’t apply just to babies and children either, so swimming with your little one is a hugely beneficial experience for you too.

 5. It can turn into a long-term hobby or career

Though this article is about how swimming gives our children a strong start in life, it’s well worth noting the doors it can open for their future too.

Swimming teaches our children discipline, time management and perseverance skills which will stay with them for their entire lives. It also nurtures their passions and can lead to a rewarding, life-long hobby and a way of keeping fit throughout life.  It is not uncommon for this to further grow with the more dedicated into the start of professional training and a career in athletic swimming. Who knows, your little one could be competing in the Olympics someday!

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