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5 ways to splash out with the Queen's new £50 coin

queens £50 coin

A special £50 coin has been created to help celebrate the Queen becoming the UK's longest reigning Monarch – top job, Lizzie!

Earlier this year the Queen smashed the record for reigning for more than 63 years and 216 days.

To commemorate this ever-so-special occasion, the Baby Swimming Shop has created a handy guide to spending Her Royal Highnesses shiny new silver at our online store - perhaps ma’am would care to pick up several items for Princess Charlotte, we know she’s already a keen swimmer and is taking weekly lessons…

  1. First time essentials: Splash About swim nappy (£9), Jakabel body wrap (£18), Mitty James toweling poncho (£23) = £50

  2. Floatation, floatation, floatation: Jakabel swimsafe floatsuit navy/pink dolphin (£33), Zoggs trainer seat (£16) = £49 (and change too!)

  3. Winter warmers: Splash About warm-in-one body warmer (£23), Mitty James long hooded towel (£27) = £50

  4. Poolside princess: Mitty James tropical flowers tankini (£27), Mitty James tropical flowers hairband (£10), Zoggy clam hunt (£13) = £50

  5. Life’s a beach: Mitty James nautical UPF50+ suit (£29),Konfidence UV sun hat (£8), Konfidence Paddlers pool and beach socks (£8),Zoggs Junior Rucksack (£6) = £51 (you may have to wait for one of our promotional offers for this one, unless of course you have one of the queens golden nuggets to throw in at check out?)

God save our Queen! 

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