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The four gifts of Christmas

4 gifts of christmas

No one appears to know where it’s come from, but the ‘Four Gifts of Christmas’ phenomenon is currently sweeping the nation – with social media abuzz and the concept being wholeheartedly embraced by families right across the UK. 

The general idea is that children get just one present from each category: 

  1. Something they want

  2. Something they need

  3. Something to wear

  4. Something to read

The idea is to prevent children becoming too ‘spoilt’ in our now heavily materialised culture. Much to the relief of parents everywhere, it’s also helping to take away some of the financial pressure faced by families each Christmas. 

Other advantages we’ve cited include: every inch of your home not being swallowed up by toys, hours being added back into your jam-packed December calendar and enabling parents to buy fewer but improved quality items for their children.  

But perhaps our absolute favourite aspect of this inspired idea is that it puts all children on an even playing field – regardless of personal wealth or socioeconomic status.  

At Baby Swimming Shop, we’ve already noticed an increase in customers purchasing swimwear and accessories for their children in a bid to fulfill their New Years Resolution to teach their children how to swim – what better gift could you possibly give your child other than the ability to stay safe around water?    

Our swimming partners have also noticed an increase in the number of parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles buying swimming lessons for young children at Christmas – a super idea given that swimming is not only fun for children but provides peace of mind to the adults that love them. 

Let’s hope this is one social trend that sticks around for many years to come…

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